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About Us

Bobbleiscious Accessories was born of my personal need for matching hair accessories to go along with my daughter Katy's school uniform.  The main colours in her uniform were red and grey and I found it extremely difficult to buy them anywhere. This encouraged me to make them for myself.  Soon Katy's friends and their Mums were asking where she got her lovely bows and I was soon making them for other people too.  Fast forward to 2012 and my sister Julie, my present day business partner and Co-Owner of Bobbleiscious Accessories, and I started to discover a need for hair accessories to match all of the school uniforms in the UK. We discovered that basically there were around 30 colour combinations that worked for the vast majority of schools in the the whole of UK, save for a few unusual colours which we can simply custom make for them.  

Our aim was to work towards an actual bricks and mortar store, a base to work from, and on 23rd March 2017 Bobbleiscious Accessories opened it's doors for the very first time. Most of our hair accessories are hand made here in our little store and we can make any colour, size or style.  To date I have several B2B retailers who stock our products and this part of the business has been slowly and steadily growing over the last few years.  I'm delighted to welcome you on board as a Bobbleiscious Accessories supplier and look forward to very happy and prosperous future together. Kindest Regards. Eileen Steel